Kart Racing Pack Deluxe

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The Deluxe Pack for Kart Racing Assets
Perfect for 3D, AR and VR projects!

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The Deluxe Pack for Kart Racing Assets
Perfect for 3D, AR and VR projects!

OVER 50 detailed prefabs

This bundle contains:

– FBX + Textures
– Unity Package
– Unreal Package


◼ Key Features ◼
– Fully modular racing track and modular karts
– Includes a pre-built demo scene
– Kart AI demo code included
– Extra racing track props and decorations
– Includes high quality textures
– Includes Collision

◼ Content ◼

– 5 game ready kart prefabs
– 22 fully modular circuit parts
– 15 fully modular kart parts
– 34 universal props
– 5 EXTRA racing items

— Karts —
– Red kart
– Blue kart
– Cyan kart
– Yellow kart
– Grey kart

— Kart parts —

–  Kart body
– Wheels
– 3 Body kit variations
– 3 Engine variations
– 3 Exhaust variations
– 3 Spoiler variations

— Circuit —

– 13 Modular long circuit parts
– 9 Modular short circuit parts

— Items —
– Gas prop
– Heal prop
– Oil prop
– Racing flags prop
– Trophy prop

— Others props —

– 4 Barrier variations
– 5 Bump variations
– 3 Flag variations
– 6 Gate variations
– 9 Guardrail variations
– 7 Obstacle variations

Vertice count ranges between 600-5000 vertices

◼ Publisher information ◼

Free updates coming soon and the best is yet to come! Thank you all for purchasing this pack! If you have questions or comments, feel free to send us an email to info@monqo.net

3 reviews for Kart Racing Pack Deluxe

  1. EnamulIslamJisan

    This is a great choice for mini kart games. Especially for Facebook instant games. Also, the arts are cute & will be attractive to kids.

  2. sedwist

    I was interested in this pack mainly for the stylized track pieces and track decorations that it comes with and for that it delivers for me for what I would want to use it for.

    There are enough pieces that I can layout most any kart/go cart track I personally would like to create. With the varying bumper sizes for the track and the props included I can change up the look enough to keep it interesting as I travel around the circuit.

  3. OwlTheoryMusic

    Plenty of materials to work with to create my own track. Very easy to assemble.

    Also includes the game-ready karts themselves, which is a nice bonus.

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